The Steel Mixer by Mark Dunn. Designed for Steel Guitarists.


 * New model with dobro simulator now available *

  • Do you prefer the sound of your steel guitar plugged straight into your amplifier?
  • But, wish you could add some delay and reverb without compromising that sound?
  • Do you have favourite effects pedals that produce the effect sound you want?
  • Would you like to change the order of effects (re-wire them) by clicking a switch?
  • Would you like to power up your effects and volume pedal with one supply?
  • Would you like to control your effect levels while playing>
  • How about all the above with no more set up time than a single volume pedal?
  • YES to the above?
    The Steel Mixer: The unit for you!
    The Steel Mixer is a device specifically designed for steel guitarists. It is not an effects unit and it is not a pre-amplifier; it is a totally new device!

    The Steel Mixer is connected between the steel guitar and amplifier; the volume pedal and effects pedals are patched into dedicated inputs and outputs. The primary job of the Steel Mixer is to ensure the signal path from the guitar to the amplifier is maintained as pure and clean as possible. To a guitar signal it's like a piece of glass! The dry guitar signal never passes through an effects unit, it only passes through the Steel Mixer. Effect signals are added to the pure dry signal using controls on a leg mounted remote box that is ideally positioned for the steel guitarist.

    Using a unique switching system the order of the volume pedal and effects pedals can be changed to achieve popular pedal arrangements. In addition to handling the signal path, the Steel Mixer also generates a number of power supplies that can be used to power up common volume and effects pedals.


    Thank you for checking out the Steel Mixer website. Please feel free to email Mark with suggestions and comments about the site:


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